In the footsteps of Marco Polo, Silk Road Trail

I make a journey from Venice to Beijing. My name is Vienna Cammarota, I am a 72-year-old woman with three daughters and three grandchildren. I have decided to take this long walk from Venice to Beijing. It will be 22,000 km of walking on foot, alone, crossing 15 different countries. With me I have only my backpack of about 20 kilos and a lot of desire to make it! Why am I doing it? Walking has always been my passion but this journey is meant to be a message of courage and strength for everyone! I want to eradicate those prejudices about women and the fact that a woman alone and of my age cannot or should not accomplish this kind of feat, to be an ambassador of my land and above all to bring a message of peace.

On the map you can see the road I have traveled so far ( km on foot !). Click on to find me !



2023-10-20 - Khorog

Telling my path as if it were a trek or one of the famous paths that are so fashionable makes me feel bad for all the sacrifices I make.

It is true I am doing Marco Polo's "Silk Road," but that is not all. It is history, culture traditions, archaeology, music, food, architecture and of so many other things, encounters with a people we think we know, but we know only part of the truth. In this crossing of Central Asia, I sometimes identified with Marco Polo, a great observer, a courageous man animated by an insatiable thirst to know and make known.I like to remember the words that Rustico da Pisa wrote:"......nessuno has never seen so many extraordinary things nor explored so many wonderful countries as Marco Polo"..., for all this, I identify with Marco Polo. Sometimes I do not walk the same path as him, but I know for a fact what he did. In these sad days with the war between Israel and Palestine, I think back to my walk the "way of Jesus ", from Palestine to Israel, always sleeping in the #KIBBUTZ, never having been afraid of war. Now that I am in Tajikistan, in the Wakhan Valley on the border with Afghanistan, divided by the river from Tajikistan, I am reminded of The "Taliban." I approached a few meters from the border, with fear not dread. Because I always thought that every nation is populated by "men," and men need dialogue. One day a week the market for Afghan goods is done in Tajikistan. I have also been there, before photographing I asked permission from the army commander. I was granted as long as I did not photograph the military or other military things. At the time of the shoot, I always asked permission from the 'concerned, who always gladly accepted a photo.I had a good time in the market because I eliminated that sense of fear I always had about knowing their history. I walked around and observed the Afghan men in their customs, behavior: assertive, resolute, proud and arrogant.I regretted not having forced my courage to enter Afghanistan. Right now I think I would have succeeded.Marco Polo tells very well about the Afghan lands, rich in gold, stones of precious minerals, but he also tells about bad people. Marco Polo's caravan crossed Afghanistan and entered Tajikistan through the #Wakhan valley. I visited it, only from the Tagika side. PLEASURE.

Scarpe Scope Pentole Uomo vecchio Uomo fiero Sul’altro latto del fiume

2022-10-12 - Batumi

My walk is not always so easy with backpacking, rain, wind, night looming, can't find my hostel, cell phone that has no phone network, any small obstacle becomes a drama sometimes. My "self-control" is great. After a few minutes, with a deep breath, I put my brain to work. I solve the phone card problem, find some young guys who speak English, and find the hostel. I am in Batumi, this city was part of the territory of Colchis, with Emperor Hadrian it became a fortified port, but with Emperor Justinian it lost its importance, I fell in love with it. It has an architecture that is pleasant and makes you stand with your nose up! I walked all over it, it is a city that thrives on tourism, personally, I saw only three big buildings. Right away I noticed a "copying" "imitation" a "chic" doing of Italian names, but it is well known that Italy is liked everywhere.

Batumi - canta la canzone Felicità
2022-10-11 - Georgia Customs

I crossed another finish line and I realize that it is getting more and more difficult... While crossing the last few countries into Turkey I found a lot of rain, caught a good deal of tracheitis, and perhaps, tired of the same country, dragged myself to the Georgia border anyway. Arriving at passport control I found a lady who decided not to let me pass because she was convinced that my passport was forged. You understand that in these situations, patience also starts to run out because of fatigue, I argued with her, even got angry and spent a good half day as a hostage for no reason at all...and good thing she was a woman! Another little adventure then to get to a hostel and finally sweet rest.

frontiera Georgia
2022-09-30 - Giresun

Trying to recount my long journey of the "Silk Road" is not so easy. The very moment I try to do so, thoughts crowd in and out in bulk, they are free and confusing...I let them go...Who cares? What matters is that they tell a story. I am in Giresun, its Greco-Roman name was Cerasunte. I arrived in the evening hungry and raining, approached a fish store to ask about some restaurants and found myself sitting at one of the three tables in the store where the guy who seated me said "sit and wait." With some skepticism I carried out the order. I tried to find out if there was anyone who could understand me in English and a gentleman replied that he spoke a little Italian, learned from a friend of his in Ravenna. we chatted and I learned that he is a sailor waiting for the call, in the meantime I got some good cooked fish directly caught and cooked in the fish shop. After the delicious dinner we strolled along the waterfront, Omar told me many things, it was needed! When you travel alone your strength is that being with yourself doesn't weigh you down, but sometimes talking to people and spending time with others makes you feel good. The next morning I left again.

2022-09-25 - Amasya

Before arriving in Amasya I was undecided about what to do, it rained a lot and I decided to take a vehicle to do a piece of the road. Amasya or Amasea is the birthplace of Strabo and St. Rufinus Bishop of Assisi, it was part of the new Roman province. I went to see the archaeological museum where I found the museum director, very kind, who accompanied me durnte the visit and even offered me tea. I stopped in this city two and a half days, two days full of history, this is the city of "Elma" that is apples, there is a big production and they even make apple perfumes. The guesthouse where I slept has been run by the same family since 1800, the young heir and owner who runs it now did not want to change anything during the renovation but just consolidate it. The journalist and writer Ollivier told about this guesthouse and I found it identical to his description. The only downside of the small town is the tourist office, which does not offer good reception, the young employees do not even speak English....

prodotti a base di mele
2022-09-24 - Çorum

Leaving Bolu I went on touch and go to many villages including: Gerede, Eskipazar, Karabük, Safranbolu, Kastamonu and then Çorum. I was a guest of the municipal administration of Kastamonu, during the meeting with the mayor they greeted me with "inshallah" then I was flanked by an English-speaking journalist, at the end of our meeting the journalist recommended me to be careful and not to walk around in the evening in the dark. In the town of Çorum I walked around the streets and the market where there are many colors and lots of food. When I arrived at the grape stall they asked me many questions, I told my story then we took some ritual photos and I received a beautiful bunch of grapes then the city administration gave me a beautiful gift, a ceramic tower which unfortunately I had to return because of the weight, sometimes they give me things I cannot accept, my backpack is already heavy without gifts. Another problem that is arising now will be to find hospitality so as not to spend too much money, I realized that finances are dropping and expenses are rising, it will not be easy and I understand that they are wary but who knows, with a little luck maybe I will find some good Samaritan or Samaritan woman.

Foto dei sorrisi
2022-09-18 - Bolu

I realized that as usual I missed some stops in the previous description, before Duzce I also stopped in Sapanca where I relaxed a bit, the town reminds me of Felitto (my hometown), then to Sakarya industrial town and another town whose name I did not was raining it was late and I left early in the morning. Arriving in Bolu I decided to breathe for a moment, walked around the town and found very helpful people. They took me around, gave me pleasant moments and even gave me discounts for meals. I met the director of a museum who called two guides to show me around the surroundings. A very kind pharmacist donated some medicines I needed. These moments of full welcome make me feel less lonely and less homesick, sometimes when I meet people who are not willing to give me even a direction I get a little discouraged....

La farmacista gentile
2022-09-11 - Üsküdar

Greetings to all who follow and read me here on the website diary, I'm really sorry that I can't keep the website constantly updated but, absurdly, social is easier to manage and that's why we decided, with my daughter who manages the website, to summarize the stages without describing every country where I stop. I will try, we will try to write down all the places I touch with my steps but sometimes, believe me, if I don't update the paper diary I forget the places where I stop for just one night or at any rate I forget those countries that don't give me any emotion. I spent a long month off in Istanbul because of the heat and I was a tourist here and there, saw very beautiful landscapes and others that gave such sadness with no trees, no life, just desert. I came across places where they refused or did not know English, others where they were willing to be my guides in the alleys of the villages. On day 11 I left the big city and headed to Üsküdar, then Samandira , Gebze, Kocaeli/Izmit and as soon as I got to Izmit I looked for and drank a nice cappuccino, I missed it! Then I headed to Duzce, I arrived late in the evening and had just enough time to have dinner, the next day I had a nice tour and discovered that there is so much history of the Roman Empire. I stay one more day to visit the place then head to Bolu.

I regali più belli…i sorrisi
Incontri piacevoli
2022-09-01 - Pamukkale

Between a monastery, a market, and a neighborhood in Istanbul, I took days to be a tourist in other countries that I will not walk through and made a trip to the very famous thermal site at Pamukkale. I took pictures but the reflection of the sun made me see almost nothing.

Pamukkale 6
2022-08-07 - Istanbul

After crossing the Bridge of Suleiman the Lawgiver I arrived in Istanbul where I will stay for a month, there will be so much to do, to see, to know and to tell, so a lot of patience because my journey will also be told later on, calmly...for now we will just do quick summaries of what I see or experience. The Chinese community has organized a symbolic farewell to Europe with entry into Asia but the actual entry into Asia will still take a long time. I was not lucky the first few days in Turkey, first the mosquito that stung me on one eye then a nice sore throat with cold, the city traffic I don't like because it is worse than Naples but there are many lovely places I will focus on those.

Ponte di Solimano
le mucche sotto i l ponte di Solimano
la puntura sull’occhio
Istanbul di notte
2022-08-05 - Çorlu

The city of Corlu is in an area that was controlled by the Greeks, Persians, Romans and Byzantines, was marked in the Tabula Peuntigeriana. Today it is one of those towns where there are many stores and factories. I went to the City Hall and met with Mayor Ahmat Sarikurt who gave me books and objects, we talked a lot about the Silk Road with the staff. I also had a bad encounter with a mosquito that made my eye swell up.

2022-08-04 - Lüleburgaz

I came by and stopped only for the night in Havsa, now here in Lüleburgaz I am stopping a few more hours to do some sightseeing. It is a town of about a hundred thousand inhabitants, there are lots of people at the bars as if it were a holiday, I tasted the tripe soup which is a specialty of the placeand tomorrow I will move on to Corlu, which is not spelled that way but I can't always put the cedilla under C.

la città
2022-08-02 - Edirne Merkez

Crossing the border I reached Edirne where I found a caravanserai that is now a hotel, saw a wedding with lots of music and dancing. I walk around downtown to find a place to sleep, enter a building and find that it is the municipality I tell my story and meet Ismet in an office, a woman who decides to take me to visit both the caravanserai and a holy place with a tomb. In the end she even offered me lunch despite my insistence, in the end I decided to invite her to Italy.

la moschea più antica
i colori del mercato
2022-08-01 - Kapitan Andreevo

I am at the border with Turkey, not very far from the "Triangular Point (Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece)," I looked out at the truck checkpoint but they told me to pass somewhere else. As always the pedestrian crossings are penalized, so I pass between a car and an RV and it is not always easy to make them understand what I am doing as well as it is not easy for me to understand them...but in the end fortunately I manage to pass without too much trouble. I will try to make it to the Edirne district.

dogana Turca
2022-07-31 - Svilengrad

I got closer to the border, stopped a few days there before leaving Europe altogether and entering Turkey. We fixed the technical problem for photos so we will be able to post some photos. Exploring Bulgaria I noticed differences between Europe closer to us, I am not talking about the tourist areas but inland and little known areas. Street cleaning is done by grandmothers, many people stop in bars at all hours, at weddings people dance and sing as they did in our areas before the general apathy. In crossing the bridge over the Maritza River I found a herd of cows cooling off in the river.

Le nonne che puliscono
2022-07-28 - Harmanli

Country only passing through that I touched to take night break. I am quite tired and looking forward to rest for some longer period. I am going like a train to arrive in Istanbul on a definite date where I will stay for a month, being a long period I need inexpensive lodging. An apartment has been booked for me and I should arrive on a definite date so as not to lose my reservation.

paesaggi che scorrono
il mio sentiero
2022-07-27 - Haskovo

I get a little confused with all these particular names and everything I see, going from town to town every day I understand that you can get confused. In the beginning I also used to write a paper diary which I now sometimes update and sometimes don't, not because of unwillingness but because of tiredness. I leave early in the morning to avoid the hot hours, which are very hot here, if I can before evening I reach the new destination, if not I rest a little and then leave again. Sometimes I arrive in time to visit a little bit, find accommodation, a shower, dinner and then rest. Other times I can't even get dinner because I'm out of the center and the accommodation doesn't have a restaurant or service for dinner and so tired and without dinner I go to rest. I also wanted to tell this part of my journey so that those who follow me and sometimes those who ask to update the various socials understand that it is not always possible. I am not the one who physically posts news on social, but I am the one who has to transfer it to those who will do it ese I don't find the time it all becomes more complicated,
usually who ddi take care of this aspect is my second daughter who works anyway and can't always...a little patience.

2022-07-26 - Asenovgrad

Passed Plovdiv, where I took many photos but alas we still can't get them posted on the site, I passed by the Thracian tomb of Aleksandrovo, in a quaint house I found traces of Italian tourists and then I tried to visit the valley of roses but it was already closed, in this place they process roses and they also have a rose festival, I found a young guy who was my cicerone he works at the entrance of the museum, I also visited the Asenova fortress.

ingresso della Tomba
2022-07-25 - Plovdiv

I didn't think it was so hot, I went from one town to another looking for some coolness but I'm far from the mountains and so far no place refresh me enough. Here in Plovdiv I visited various places , among them the Roman amphitheater. Approaching Turkey, it is as if you notice the influence of another people. I'm sorry I can't put more photos here on the site because we have technical problems, some photos we can post and some we can't, a little patience, we will try to fix everything as soon as we can.

2022-07-24 - Pazardžik

Arrived in this place, with great pleasure I met Italians again, speaking other languages I miss mine and finding it again is always a joy. Mr. Giuseppe is from Veneto arrives from Monselice and tells of moving to Bulgaria because he liked the place, he is retired and has no intention of returning to Italy. He was my cicerone all day and was very pleasant. I instead of settling here make a quick pass and continue on my way....

la mia colazione
i miei pasti in Bulgaria
2022-07-23 - Septemvri

Having arrived and set off again on my journey along the Silk Road, I made a quick stop to explore these somewhat more out-of-the-way territories, the ones that you have to go there on purpose because they are not passing through and are not touristy but that hide so much natural beauty. Here in Septemviri I made a quick stop for the little train stop to visit those places but I don't make a stop I leave directly for Pazardžik. I get closer and closer to Turkey and the heat does not let up...I hope every day to make it!

2022-07-22 - Bansko

I took the little Rhodopi train that runs through the Nestos River valley, from Steptemvri to Dobrinishte covering 120 km. In six hours we atraversed places where nature rules and the hand of man has not contaminated much. I stopped in Bansko, in the Guest House Ivan, where I met a group of people who attend meetings that are done in various places around the world and now they were here. They are all people who work with PCs, they are called Digital Nomads, and among these people
I met a few Italians. I also hiked in the mountains to enjoy the fresh, crisp air again, I hiked the trek of: St. Nikolas Archeology, it was challenging because it was all uphill and slippery but it was worth it, I enjoyed wonderful views and looked at the town from above. In Bansko, on the little train, in the midst of nature it was like going back in time, the phones without a line and nature that surrounds you, only the more touristy part where there is skiing, left me with a bit of bitterness in my mouth because being in nature you suddenly return to the overbearing civilization. Tomorrow I will return to Septemvri with the little train and resume my journey to Pazardzhik.

ruscello del sentiero in montagna
piccolo mulino
la serata con gli arrosti alla Guest House
2022-07-20 - Kostenec

Happy Donkey is the farm where I stopped to rest, in a manner of speaking, for many days. Stopping I was not, I helped in the kitchen, cleaning and tidying up and sometimes I was part of the guests who vevnned on the farm. Being an educational farm, the one where I was hosted, there were almost always people visiting, look it up on the internet it's a nice place! Today I partly resumed my walk, and I say partly, both because I decided to advance slowly because of the high temperatures and because part of the route I took today from the farm to here I did in the car. I will stop more often instead of just overnight even several days. Now I have decided to take a little train from the area that will take me to visit some wilder parts of Bulgaria.

Happy Donkey
gli animali della fattoria
2022-07-04 - Madzhare

First long pause. I am incapable of standing still,of not walking,of doing nothing,of discovering and meeting. At the beginning of the walk was like going to work,every morning I woke up and walked. After more than 1,000 km my body, my bones said enough. I started the rest of two or three days, to regain the rhythm, but they were not enough, the joint pain started after three hours of walking. The heat, the discouragement of not finding a friendly face, made me decide to stop for two weeks. I chose a beautiful location in a small village in nature 90 km from Sofia. It is a farm with "happy donkeys" run by Michele from Pesaro and Roxana Ukrainian/Bulgarian. I walk slowly in the plains and mountains I make sure to keep my body exercised so in a while I can start walking again, I help in the kitchen, tidying up and cleaning. For now I enjoy the coolness of the farm and the "joy" of all the animals that live here, as well as the company of Michele and Roxana. My journey is a discovery, not a transit, I am not running to reach a finish line, but a savoring everything around me. To do this I need time; the wonders of the world are many and endless. In a few days I will write about the accommodation they have made available to me.

fattoria didattica
asinello di happy donkeys
l’orto artistico
osservando gli animali
2022-06-30 - Sofia

When I arrived in Bulgaria I went straight to Sofia, in the suburbs I found a very special place where people from various nations stay and in the evening we tried various kinds of culinary specialties, including Ukrainian, Macedonian and Russian cuisine. The owner speaks seven languages and among them Italian so I feel lucky. In the area where I am there is the passage of refugees crossing the borders between the mountains of Serbia and Bulgaria. I have taken walks in this suburb and it is treated as such, somewhat neglected and untidy. The center of Sofia on the other hand is full of history and interesting people, among them I found an Italian artist who has a home in Paestum and with his Bulgarian partner we took a tour outside Sofia to a beautiful monastery, I also visited the Confucius Institute and with the director of the Institute I had a quick and brief walk through the history of Confucius. After lodging in the suburbs I moved more toward the center and stayed in a 12-room hotel and because of the extension of my rest, so as not to put too much strain on my budget I help clean the rooms in exchange for a discount. The temperatures are high, we exceed 35 degrees and in this heat I can't go on, I have already decided to stay a few weeks, I just have to find the right accommodation.

giardino del primo alloggio a Sofia
grandi palazzi di Sofia
2022-06-25 - Bulgaria border

I am at the border and it is exciting on one side but horrible on the other side, there are no pedestrian paths, only with trucks and cars. Bulgaria is twinned with Celle di Bulgheria which is a small town in my Cilento region. As I had already planned to do, maybe as far as Sofia I will be accompanied, asphalt and heat are not for me!

alla frontira bulgara
arrivederci Serbia
frontiera Bulgaria
2022-06-24 - Pirot

I am in Pirot district here I found guardian angels and I decided to have them accompany me in the hottest hours before the border, tomorrow I will arrive in Bulgaria, the backpack brings me work but the heat more! The relationship with Serbia started with difficulty but it has softened with the days thanks to the people I found on my way, I will never finish saying Thank you! I post a few photos of what remains of the castle(fortress)of Pirot that dates back to the 14th century and is linked to the legend of Vojvoda Momčilo, hero of Serbian epic poems. Pirot was also the scene of a battle that saw the Bulgarian army defeat the Serbian army, during the Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885.

fortezza di Pirot
fortezza a Pirot
incontri a Pirot
2022-06-23 - Bela Palanka

I am getting closer and closer to the border but it is so hot and I am starting to get too tired. Today I was a guest in this small town where the vice president welcomed me, then they took me to see the Roman remains and bought me lunch, for which I am always grateful.

Fontana di Bela Palanka
2022-06-22 - Niš

Niš is a city not just another country I have visited in the last few days, here is the Konstantin Veliki Aerodrom which is named after the Roman Emperor ConstantineI who was born right here, I visited the tower of skulls from wikipedia: "it is a tower incorporating human skulls in the construction, erected by the Ottoman Turks at the city. Rising on the site of the Battle of Čegar, the tower was intended as a warning to the Serbs aimed at deterring them from continuing their revolt against the Ottoman Empire" I would say Impressive. I also saw some social life here with nice clubs along the Nišava River.

torre dei teschi Nis
monumento dedicato all imperatore romano Costantino I
2022-06-20 - Vrnjačka Banja

Let me introduce you to some other Serbian countries before Bulgaria, doing some more tours in the company of Jelena I got to visit many pesini rich in history. The Romans are always present and so much history has been preserved despite the war. At a tourist center where I was a guest, they made me drink schnapps...good, but very strong! I wandered around the farmers markets where they sell so many healthy, unprocessed and super genuine things, it is nice to find here what we try not to lose in our country. I've been to an all-female village where so many women are working hard to carry on the collective, "we are Good Girls!!!"

simbolo della città Vrnjačka Banja
foro romano a Vrnjačka Banja
2022-06-18 - Mladenovac

To catch up I am making a brief summary of several days spent being a "tourist" and I will premise that it may happen that some dates with the countries I visit do not match, this is because the site is updated by my daughters who do not always get news in real time, sometimes the line is down sometimes the power is down so bear with me...I have not abandoned my goal, I want to say it but, with some people I met here I am visiting places and areas that I would not have gone through. So I will tell you; I was in Mladenovac and I found a good Sherpa who carried my backpack, he is part of the trekking association that I have already told about, he accompanied me to the accommodation three kilometers away from the center from where you can see Mount Avala that I visited. In the hikes we are doing in these areas you can see many Roman remains, I also visited a traditional dance school, very nice dance to see and to participate were many very young girls. We took a tour to Oplenac Hill where we visited the church of St. George plus the mausoleum of the Karadjordjevic royal family. The interior of this monument consists of mosaics that were crafted in Germany from Murano glass, while the chandelier in the shape of an inverted crown was created from armaments collected in battle and marks mourning for the fallen soldiers of Kosovo in 1389. I saw the Smeredevo fortress located on the Danube, which was once the capital of southern Serbia because Belgrade had been taken by the Hungarians. I could not miss a tour on the Danube where I saw the Trajan table carved on the rock and a sculpture of a face, also on the mountain rock, made by an Italian mountaineer. And then near the end of my days off I was hosted by Jelena's family and tasted many local delicacies.

sherpa che ha portato il mio zaino
la cripta
il lampadario
la fortezza di Smeredevo
i genitori di Jelena
2022-06-15 - Popović

I made a small transfer to Popović, from here I will continue to make visits to neighboring villages, in the meantime I enjoy a country landscape and the tranquility of this place. I am hosted by a trekker named Jango who has a house in the country with many fruit trees, the cherries are very good. Jelena's trekking association was formed in the same year I was born, and with the association group I will spend a few evenings.

la bandiera dell’ass di Jelena
le tante ciliege della casa in cui mi ospitano
uno scambio di storia culinaria italiana in Serbia
scambio di doni con gli amici della montagna
foto di gruppo
2022-06-14 - Avala

I took a detour on a route that I will continue to take in the coming days always because Jelena (but also me) is keen to have me visit a part of Serbia before I start my journey again that will take me to other countries. Of course in order to make these visits I have only left my beloved backpack and my direction for a few days, this will not only help me to know and understand Serbia with its history but will give me more much needed rest. Then, as I am ruled by feelings I will decide everything in the process. In the meantime I will leave you a few photos of Avala where there is a tower (at the time destroyed by NATO bombing) that allows you to see Belgrade from afar, breathtaking view! then there is a huge monument dedicated to the fallen and a forest surrounding these monuments where you can go trekking.

io e Jelena sotto la torre di Avala 20220614
il panorama dalla torre di Avala
Avala monumento al milite ignoto
le statue del tempio
2022-06-09 - Belgrade

I arrived in Belgrade, here my long rest began. I stopped many days both for the hospitality I found and to visit the city. On my way before arriving here in Belgraddo I passed through the interior of the two nations (Slovenia and Serbia), I passed very close to Bulgaria as well and I realized that I was in places, in some ways, similar to our inland cilento, they have a very similar landscape but in addition here they come out of experiences that some of us don't even imagine, I realized that the postwar period brings with it a thousand fears and it is not easy to open up again. Out and about in Belgrade I was with Jelena who is the head of the Belgrade Alpine Club, she decided to introduce me to a part of Serbia that I would not touch on my walk, so I will be a tourist for a few more days. In Belgrade I met the Chinese community in the city and as always they gave me a great welcome. I saw the new and old Belgrade and it is all very fascinating, one curious thing I noticed is that they drink water from the tap even in restaurants-other than some of us who only drink bottled! I saw the most important hotel in the city where kings, queens, writers and other people from history have stayed and I saw the women doing trades that our women still struggle to get into, the elderly then work until late in life because the young people flee to other nations. I will leave again on June 15 if all goes well.

la fortezza di Belgrado
la polizia che si sponsorizza

2022-06-07 - Pećinci

I arrived in Pećinci and went directly to the only available accommodation, which is also the bread museum. Here I met Jelena Radic and her daddy who is a famous painter in the art world, and with her I took a tour of the museum that they run. In the organized tours they also show how bread is made which they then let people taste during the tasting of typical products, among them I also tasted cevapcici which are made of meat..delicious!!!

museo del pane

2022-06-06 - Рума Ruma

The town of Ruma is also called Pyma has 3,000 inhabitants, Mrs. Malinka who hosted me prepared a typical Serbian dessert that unfortunately I can neither write nor pronounce. I visited the main square where I found a special monument to the revolution, it is six trumpets designed by architects Cveta Davico and Misa David.

monumento alla rivoluzione
2022-06-05 - Ruma

It is not easy to update this diary because I arrive in a country in the day and leave the next morning, the places with the times I can't always match them. In some places I will stay longer depending on needs and hospitality. Today I leave for Ruma where Mrs. Milanka Mircovic is waiting for me, who is part of the Belgrade trekking association and will give me hospitality. Yesterday with the owner and grandson from the Italian restaurant I went to the museum of Roman emperors in Sremska Mitrovica 18 Roman emperors were born.

propietario del ristorante
museo romano

2022-06-04 - Sirmium

I have already passed through three countries in Serbia and tonight I am stopping in Sirmium, the old name of the city, now called Sremska Mitrovica. Here where I found accommodation thanks to the owner of the Italian restaurant "la mimosa". These days I have been driving on state roads with no paths and no space near the expressway, it was not a good adventure, I was stressed by trucks and cars whizzing by me. Otherwise through very similar villages or towns at times, I notice that the past and the future as always continue to cohabit but, pointing out their differences...walls still with bullet holes next to manicured houses with flower gardens...

lungo la strada
superando i cartelli
2022-06-02 - Tovarnik

I reached another milestone, the last country of Croatia and then I will be in Serbia. It is very hot so sometimes I get more tired than usual and I don't deny that for a few moments I even thought about quitting. I cannot find accommodation easily and when I am so tired I get despondent. Fortunately, eventually a solution is found...sometimes it is old friends, sometimes my daughters other times people found by chance, the important thing is that my trust in others is repaid and gives me an extra push to continue this long adventure.

Tovarnik ultimo paese della Croazia

i segni della guerra
2022-06-01 - Vinkovci

Arriving early in this small town I decided to do some sightseeing in the museum, by now I am closer to Serbia and the change I am beginning to see in the buildings as well as the people. Certainly the bigger the town the less people are squeamish but the language problem remains, English is not a widely used language here. In the evening I went to a pub where I had the pleasure of meeting Ivan, he was the only one who spoke English so I took advantage of his willingness to let him tell me about the place.

2022-05-31 - Sapci

I move on to get closer to Serbia the air has cooled, it has rained, along the way I see houses and churches, many churches and cultivated fields. The road I have traveled is a well-maintained bicycle path and as I arrive in Sapci I notice that it is a neat and clean town. I am staying with the family of a friend of Filip's, they make a big and beautiful garden with many good things, a treat!

la strada che seguo
2022-05-25 - Slavonski Brod

I have arrived in Slavonski Brod a town that tells a lot about its past, here I am on the border with Bosnia and not far from Serbia. I will stay again for a few days in the hope of finding someone to act as my cicerone. The difficulty I often find myself in is that people do not speak English but only Croatian,occasionally I find someone who speaks German because many, as in Italy, have gone to work there. Meanwhile I go in search of a place to sleep... 31/05/2022 I left Slavonski Brod again after almost a week, I had the pleasure of meeting Filip and his family thanks to couchSurfing. Flip has been my cicerone these days and also gave me the opportunity to tell my story on a local TV station, which will hopefully help me in my search for hospitality, in the meantime Filip has already given me a contact for a next stop. The most enjoyable thing about these walks I do is just meeting people, getting to know and learning.

alla scoperta della storia
Slavonski Brod
Park Slavonski Brod
2022-05-24 - Nova Gradiška

Today I arrived in Nova Gradiška , I was very hot and in the countryside I found sections of the trail with high grass...part heat, part exhaustion and grass I ended up with ankles full of abrasions. I would need one more day of rest but places to sleep cost too much and I prefer to start again tomorrow. Early in the morning I walk fast and the backpack I don't feel much, but as soon as the only warms up and the miles increase I start to slow down until I feel like a snail. In order not to fatigue too much I should walk a maximum of 25 km a day, but I don't always find where I can rest at night so I continue...

una casa abbandonata
uno dei tanti sentieri
2022-05-23 - Novska

And after a breakfast of champions today I went less miles than usual and arrived in Novska. Apparently there is a small party so there are few beds available. I found a gentleman in a bar who heard my plea for help with an overnight stay and drove me around town in his car looking for a place to sleep, he was very nice, at the end I wanted to offer him an aperitif and he replied that I had to offer it to him in italy.

Gjuro Szabo
2022-05-22 - Kozarice

Starting again from Kutina toward Novska, I passed through almost nonexistent villages and sought out country roads to stay more in the shade. Along the way I found a nice pond and despite my allergy to poplars I stayed cooler. Eventually I found myself almost 20km from Novska and arrived in Kozarice, if it wasn't for Marco whom I passed on the road I would have spent the night in the woods because I was going in the wrong direction. Marco speaks Italian and accompanied me to a hunting lodge telling me the story of the war between Serbia and Croatia. In this little house I found a nice room where I could rest with only the sounds of nature. In the morning before departure I had a super breakfast of meat, eggs and least if I get lost I am covered from hunger for a while....

arrivo a Korazice
Marco il mio salvatore
2022-05-21 - Kutina
partenza da Repusnica

After another day of rest I set off again toward Kutina which, unlike these small towns, is a small town. I will take the opportunity to make some small purchases, I need a local phone card because mine doesn't work, I can only send news in places where there is wifi and then I would like to buy a pair of sunglasses because I lost mine, walking without them in this sun becomes more tiring.

Arrivata a Kutina
2022-05-19 - Repušnica

un posto per il riposo I'll probably stop here to rest, the temperatures have risen a lot and I'm struggling. una grande cena a giants meal to strengthen and recover. durante il percorso trenino dei lavoratori

2022-05-18 - Popovača

il mio pernottamento

This morning I resumed my relentless journey along a road that takes me back into the countryside...I find nothing and no one, I hope to find a small cluster of houses at least to ask for information and to look for a place for the night and finally a lady,
who saw me tired and hot, took me to her house and offered me a drink and some food. I am in a neighborhood where there are children asking for money and there is some neglect. Further on I found a little apartment for the night, it's a very low-key but comfortable place, and in the process I also met a guy from Apulia.

2022-05-16 - Korčula
a spasso con la guida Korcula

I thought it would be closer to the island than Marco Polo's house but instead it took me an extra day to be stationed there, it was worth it because the place is very beautiful and after so much countryside a little bit of sea was really needed. I visited Marco Polo's house where there is so much of him and then, I also had a meeting with the town's mayor, who is young and easygoing! A visit to the village and a few interviews on the radio and local a star ha ha! If I can, I will set off again tomorrow in the footsteps of Marco Polo. Until the next stop!!!

2022-05-14 - Zagreb

Arrived in Zagreb!!! Lively city and shortly after my arrival, I witnessed a procession complete with music and waving flags. I will rest here more than three days also because there is talk of a Marco Polo house and museum on a nearby island, I would like to be a tourist and visit the place as well as the city of Zagreb.

Zagabria (2)
2022-05-13 - Samobor
festa della montagna Samobor
festa della montagna Samobor

Well I was at the mountain festival and the Croatian poet Sinan Gudzevig who was participating in the event I had met him in Paestum (Sa), so he invited me to tell my story on stage. I felt so much emotion for that curious audience to know it was a good experience.

2022-05-13 - Samobor
arrivo in Croazia

Having arrived in Croatia, at first glance people seemed to be more curious and asked me questions in their language. As I always do, I told my story in a bar and the owner offered me a selfie and a thirst quenching drink! Tonight is the mountain festival, after some rest I will attend this event.

barista gentile
2022-05-12 - Čatež
arrivo a Catez

I found some minor difficulties towards the border which are that of language and my pollen allergy! Towards the end of the day I tried to ask for information in English but nothing, I found few helpful people, without discouraging myself I continued in the search for accommodation and finally I was lucky, the owner of the small hotel I chose was following me on Facebook and she was overjoyed with my arrival! Tomorrow I should arrive in Croatia.

2022-05-11 - Šentjernej
americana in Italia

I arrived in Sentirnije,in the heat it was,I stopped at a bar to cool off and wait for a Skype connection with radio Paestum. After everything was done, I approached the owner of the bar and told my story...this American lady with a cowboy hat heard, called me and wanted to take lots of pictures, then called her brother in Arizona to introduce him to me but he didn't answer, so we made him a video.

I am in a small village that looks like a fairy tale, after two days in the countryside now I see a few more houses and a few more people.

2022-05-10 - Novo Mesto

This was a very pleasant encounter, a nice group of walkers on the path I took to get to Novo Mesto, too bad they were going in the opposite direction to me....

a prima mattina

This photo represents the departure from Novo mesto, to get here I saw only a lot of countryside. I walked under a 28° sun, as soon as I saw a bar I rushed to have a beer and ate some almonds. During the walk under the sun and with the weight of the backpack I felt nothing and as soon as I relaxed I didn't have the strength to get up but, after a night's rest, I am ready to go again!

2022-05-09 - Trebnje

I rode along country lanes, forest paths and for many kilometers saw only countryside, a lunch of dried fruit and set off again. I also found among the fields a small church of St. Peter and Paul. Tonight I am staying in a hotel, overnight hospitality is hard to find around here but I find a different kind of the hotel they heard my story on a Slovenian radio station and thanked me for choosing their hotel by offering me dinner...and it was much needed!!!

2022-05-08 - Višnja Gora

Today my destination was Višnja Gora, but a good headache made me stop early at a place I did not recognize and so after a night's rest I set off again for a new destination. Unlike the other walks I have done I now follow the navigator and signs but often find myself using the old, question and observe! The good fortune is that there is always a nice trail in the middle of the woods and usually near a river or a cycle path.

2022-05-05 - Ljubljana
il drago di Lubiana

Arriving in Ljubljana I found a lot of tourists, I wanted to visit the caves in Postojna but with rain coming I preferred to continue, I will rest in Ljubljana. To get here I walked the Jakobova trail which I thought was on the road but instead it is a beautiful forest path, must do!!! In this city I relax for four days before continuing to Croatia, here there is a lot of greenery I find it a relaxing city and all to be discovered.

2022-05-04 - Ljubljana
francesi incontrati a vhrnica

In Ljubljana I met again these French guys that I met in the house of the creator of the Jakobova pot walk. I am only in Ljubljana but I have already met so many people, I struggle a lot with the backpack so I stop often and on these occasions I meet people who ask me questions and sometimes help me, this is what I want most from this know, to understand, to spread, to popularize and as I often say to trust the neighbor on both sides.

2022-05-03 - Vrhnika(Slovenia)

logatec la famiglia di igor amico igor a logatec

Passing through Logatec my friend's daughter took me to their house and offered me a nice ice cream and cake. Igor, my friend, I met him two years ago when I was asking about the route. Tonight I arrived in Vrhnika and tomorrow if all goes well I will arrive in Ljubljana.

2022-05-02 - Postojna (Slovenia)
la pappa a postumia

I arrived too late in Postojna and settled for a kiosk to eat but in the end the sandwich was too big, I couldn't finish it. Everyone is very nice but so far I haven't found anyone in Slovenia to put me up for the night, I'm looking for cheap accommodations if possible....

2022-05-01 - Sesana (Slovenia)

I arrived in Slovenia on the day of the May Day holiday and my phone stopped working, once I reached Sesana, everything being closed, I looked out at a bar the "Apericaffè" where I found the owner, very kind, who helped me with the phone and also offered me lunch. We shared our stories and I must say that despite the initial difficulties I had a pleasant day.

2022-04-30 - Trieste
Incontri speciali a Trieste
2022-04-30 - Trieste

Giulia from Trieste who guided me through everything I wanted to see in Trieste. She has been my mentor. A thank you and a hug


Maria friend of Marina who hosted me in Trieste. Thanks to Marina who planned everything even though she was not in Trieste.

2022-04-29 - Staranzano
Sono stata ospitata da Luisa
2022-04-27 - Portogruaro

Final preparations for the trip... Tatjana and Daniele (her partner) helped me take the last few kilos off my backpack. At 9 a.m. I took the train to Palmanova, from here I will start the actual walk.

Verso la stazione
2022-04-26 - Venice

The beginning of the walk for the cameras. But also the greeting with my daughters Lara, Tatjana and Raissa and my grandchildren.

Foto di famiglia

I still have to finish packing my backpack....

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